As I sit here in my office overlooking the Worcestershire countryside all appears to be normal. I can hear the traffic from the main road, the birds singing as the trees sway in the bitterly cold March wind all whilst the sun is trying desperately hard to squeeze through the clouds covering the sky.

But all is not normal, we are currently living in the strangest of times, suspended in the midst of the global pandemic of Covid-19 (coronavirus). 

With the world in lockdown and still little understanding as to how this this virus has managed to infiltrate society to the extent that it has, we are each having to find a new norm and greater understanding of the world at large. There are the conspiracy theorists who believe it was born in a lab, thoughts of a new age awakening where a greater force than nature is at large, and those who simply sit and observe the madness that surrounds us with little to offer in the way of opinion.

Whatever your thoughts might be one thing is for sure, each and everyone of us is having to find that new norm.

For some, families are being split as our emergency services and other key workers man the frontline, whilst others are given the gift of bonding, perhaps for the first time in a very long time if ever, as they are pulled together through lockdown with the forced closure of schools, shops, restaurants and other workplaces to minimise the risk of spread of this dreadful virus.

The country is seeing a much needed resurrection of community spirit as the elderly and at risk are cared for, local shops are being depended on for much needed essentials and  communication channels are being reopened. In addition to the doorstep communities growing in strength there is also a pulling together via social media and electronic devices, and whilst we would normally moan and groan about the excessive use of both, today these very things are keeping us all connected during these unsettling times as we reach out to those around the globe with words of reassurance, fun and frivolity. 

For too long now many have been wrapped up in their own world, bogged down with excessively long working hours and oblivious to what is going on around them in the real world.

Now is the time to reconnect; reconnect with friends and family, reconnect with what really matters in life and most of all, reconnect with yourself.

In recent times mental health awareness has become more prevalent, we say that mental health matters, but how many are aware of their own mental health status?
If you were to look back to your younger years, what were your goals and ambitions, how did you see your life panning out?
Take a close look at your life today, Is it where you expected?...Is it better or worse?

Ask yourself, am I truly happy?...Answer yourself honestly. 

I have been faced with many hurdles over the 47 years that I has walked this earth, now I wouldn't say that I have taken them all in my stride, but like the endurance racers out there, I just kept going because that is how I felt I needed to get through life. Recently I have learnt that it's not enough to 'just get through life', life is for living, experiencing and enjoying and whilst certain aspects of life are beyond our control, the rest, well that's down to us and the decisions we make  - tread water or keep swimming, the choice is ours to be made.

During this time of lockdown what are you doing differently? 

Are you in control of your emotions, or are they in control of you?

Make the most of this moment in time, this opportunity, to look within yourself, to discover the real you and your true potential.  

What has this current climate taught you?

Are all the things that were previously important to you still equally as important, or has your focus changed? 

No matter how we view the current situation we have all been given the opportunity to re-evaluate what is important in life, don't waste it.

Stay well, be happy & keep safe, we are in a lockdown for a reason.