Welcome to the very first of my vlogs.

This months vlog is about awareness for mens health & wellness.
As we move through Movember I'm asking ladies to take an extra moment to check up & check in on the men in their life, be they, friends, family or colleagues...and if in doubt, ask twice.

November 2019


Under Refurbishment

A follow on to my blog posted on November 16th, explaining a little more about my personal refurbishment

November 2019


What's In The Box?

A brief update on the refurb so far and the arrival of some goodies.

November 2019


The Final Countdown

Just two days to got before the start of my Pure 21 adventure, a quick update as to what I have been up to this week.

November 2019


Pure21, Day 1

It's D day and time to start the Pure21 programme in earnest.

Week 1 is the pre tox, so we'll be getting the body prepped for week two.


Pure21, Day 6

It turns out the pre-tox week has been pretty easy, the transition from eating crap to eating clean has been nice and smooth and I'm feeling pretty good. Improved sleep, less bloating and it appears I do have a waist after all so I'm feeling quite relieved that all is not lost.

December 2019


Pure21 - The Results

Wow, after 21 days of clean eating and using the Synergy Worldwide Purify Kit I am astounded by the results and really couldn't be happier!