Guided Relaxation

Do you find that you struggle to find ways to unwind? 
No matter what you try, the brain just refuses to switch off.

Perhaps you have tried various forms of exercise class, such as yoga or pilates, or maybe an online meditation app or two? No matter what you try the brain is still spinning at million miles an hour, the head feels cluttered and you don't know which way is up - sound familiar? 

What we have learnt is that taking time for yourself is not only a benefit to your mental health, but also physical health too.

It lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, reduces muscular tension, reduces headache and migraine and strengthens the immune system too. 

Would you consider running your car for years without any form of maintenance or care? long do you think it would last before it started to let you down?  The body and mind are no different.

I am aware that not everyone is tactile, the thought of a physical therapy such as massage, reflexology or Indian head massage is as far from relaxing as you could get (although I have to say, these are all therapies I could happily be on the receiving end of on a daily basis!), so with this in mind I offer a guided relaxation session - an opportunity to enter a neutral space, where there will be nobody vying for your  attention, a space where technology is turned off at the door and the time is entirely your own. I will take you on a guided relaxation, enabling you to clear your mind and enjoy the quiet, feel the stresses and strains, aches and pains drain away from your body as you take this much needed time for yourself.

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