Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is aimed at those who are not looking for therapy or counselling, but rather creating a pathway to the future without dwelling on the past. Although we need to take a look at the past to a certain extent  in order to help us understand why we are where we are today, unlike hypnotherapy,  it is not something we tend to focus on in order to create the future we desire.

When working together I do not look to give advice or offer solutions, I seek to help you raise your level of self awareness and gain a greater understanding of self. You will learn to recognise your strengths and achievements to date and build on them to create a pathway to the life you want to live. We do this setting by goals and laying the foundations in the form of stepping stones along the way.

You will come to realisations about yourself along the way, embrace your own inner power and achieve your goals and dreams.

"Have patience with all things, but first with yourself"

Saint Frances de Sales

Can Anyone Have A Life Coach?
Yes, people from all walks of life work with Coaches to help them to achieve their goals, be they relationships, career, finance, health and sports performance or other areas of life. People who get a Life Coach are committed to a more fulfilled life and are willing to do the work needed to get there.
Why Work With A Life Coach?

My belief is that we are never the finished article, merely work in progress, and as such we should never stop learning and developing.

It is not just the elite and professionals who choose to work with a Coach, many individuals choose to work with a Coach to improve their life, sporting performance or enhance their career.

If you are reading this then it is likely you are already aware of the benefits of working with a coach. You are just looking for the right fit. It could be that the concept of hiring a Coach is very new to you and you are curious to know more about the benefits of working with one.

With that in mind I ask you to think back to your younger years. Were you part of a team, or did you attend sports clubs, such as tennis, martial arts or swimming perhaps? Perhaps you were more musical and played an instrument?

Think of some of the benefits you gained from being Coached.

  • Change of mindset
  • Bad habits changed
  • Improved performance
  • Increased confidence
  • Goals Achieved


  • Face to Face / Online
  • 2 1/2  hours 1-1 
  • Kickstart Workbook

Monthly Flexi

  • Face to Face / Online
  • 3 hours 1-1 p/m
  • Kickstart Workbook
  • No minimum contract
  • WhatsApp/Email support


  • Face to Face / Online
  • 3 hours 1-1 p/m
  • Kickstart Workbook
  • 12 Week Program 
  • WhatsApp/Email Support

Minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation required, if you need to cancel please let me know.
If the cancellation is less than 24 hours and I am unable to re-fill the appointment slot I may charge you the full cost of the appointment.

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