Working Together

Private Clients

Working from home at my private clinic, the location gives  clients the privacy and reassurance that they perhaps may need, rather than the vulnerability of walking in to a visible clinic environment.

Hypnotherapy is a tool which can be used to assist in many areas of life, and is often underestimated. 

Whilst I am aware that no one thing works for all, I also believe that if we genuinely want to create change within ourselves, anything is possible. 

I will however point out that around 20% of the population cannot be hypnotised 
 - children under 5 years of age, due to cognitive development
- the unwilling, those who simply do not want to
- severely mentally impaired as this can cause heightened state of delusion

My clients come from wide and varied backgrounds and age from 15 all the way up to late 70's, so as you see, there is no such thing as a 'normal' client, and I do mean that in the nicest of ways.
Everyone has their reason for their visit, it may be that the phobia they have been living with for the past 30 years has reached it's peak and the individual is ready to take back control, or perhaps it feels like peers in the board room are not taking you seriously and a confidence boost is needed. A visit for weight management issues may turn out to be related to childhood events or perhaps those poor sleeping patterns need to be gotten to the bottom of.
No matter the reason for the visit, the end goal is the same - to create a positive change from within. 

For and informal chat about how Hypnotherapy could work for you, I can be contacted on 07486 531874 or book an initial consultation here.

Clinic Hours:
Monday: 1.30pm - 7pm
Thursday: 9am - 7pm
Friday: 9am - 6pm

Corporate Clients

As an employer, your team are without doubt integral to the smooth running of your business, but,  did you know that the average cost to cover staff sickness is around  £600 per day here in the UK.

Staff absenteeism and turnover can be reduced on average by up to 37% when you are aware of what is happening within your workplace. So the question is, how well do you know your workers? 

Let's start by looking at the three types of worker:
  • Engaged 
  • Not engaged
  • Actively dis-engaged

Take a look at your workforce and ask yourself, who falls in to which category? 
For those who fall in to the not engaged and actively dis-engaged, what changes can be made to help re-engage them, are they the right person for the job, would they be better suited elsewhere in the company or do they simply need a little extra support right now?

I am not suggesting that the employer should befriend every worker, but when we take time to learn a little about those around us, it becomes easier to gain a greater understanding of their lives and what drives them to get out of bed each day. 

Society has evolved considerably over the last 10 to 15 years, we now live at a faster pace, have technology at our fingertips and are having to learn once more that it is okay to take time for ourselves (and our family & friends) and switch off before reaching an inevitable burn out.

It is this burnout that can contribute to those workers becoming "not engaged" or "actively dis-engaged" and perhaps feeling unappreciated and undervalued within the workplace.

When this happens you are potentially looking at replacing workers, which can cost, on average £25k - £30K at a time. This may appear excessive, but when you break it down the amount soon adds up.
  • Reduction of productivity leads to loss of revenue
  • increased pressure on co-workers for cover workload
  • Advertising for a new worker
  • Time out to read through CV's 
  • Interviewing 
  • Training up of new worker

Can you afford to replace, or would be more beneficial to re-engage?

How Can I Help You?

You may feel that engaging a hypnotherapist is perhaps a little extreme, however, when workers are made to feel valued and appreciated, the quality and quantity of work output is improved.

By supporting your workers you are recognising them as individuals, giving the opportunity to gain confidence and self belief, offering the chance to de-stress, encourage creativity and building a community within the workplace. 

Many people suffer with stress and anxiety in today's society, some have an outlet to offload, but others do not. By bringing a service, such as mine, in to the workplace you are addressing the much discussed topic of Workplace Mental Health.

To find out more about how my services could be of benefit in you workplace, call me on 07486 531874 or contact me via email.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have regarding the services I offer.

If you don't see what is you're looking for, please don't assume it is an area not covered.

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