Client Reviews


I had a fantastic hypnotherapy session with Adrienne today, she totally understood my needs and how my mind is working at the moment, She really got me to a calm, relaxed state where my mind felt free.

Very impressive.

Carole T

Adrienne Potter is wonderful. She is kind, calm and considerate, you feel like you have know her for ever. She exudes warmth and compassion and I felt safe and nurtured.....before during and after our session. I can't recommend her enough


I went to Adrienne as I’ve struggled for years with insomnia and sleeping tablets have never been a route I wanted to go down. After just one session with her, I left feeling much more relaxed in myself and every night since my session I have fallen asleep much easier and feel so much better in the mornings. I know there is more work to be done but it has already made a huge difference for me and I can’t thank her enough. She’s lovely and puts you at ease too.

Thank you so much Adrienne


I  have just completed the conscious eating programme and can honestly say it has had a massive impact on not only my life but my families too!
After the very first session my habits changed.. the first morning after was a revelation as automatically I did things differently and questioned my actions.. i always went back for a top up of cereal and that first morning after the first session I didn’t as my brain wouldn’t allow it.. hard to explain but I just new it was an action that wouldn’t serve me well so I listened to myself and knew I didn’t need it even if I wanted it!!
Another revelation was shopping ... I needed to buy teabags!! And I actually walked into the supermarket and just bought teabags!! If I’d done that before these sessions I would always have bought anything else that I saw that was on offer .. I couldn’t ever walk past a yellow reduced sticker without grabbing something I didn’t need!!
The impact on my family has been quite amusing too as they are now eating regular portion sizes too.. my daughter said “why have we hardly got any peas mummy??” My reply was you have a portion of peas for one person not 3 .. her reply was “I don’t like this hypnosis stuff “ then she thought about it and said could she make u just give me chocolate?? lol!!
Adrienne is such a warm hearted lovely non judgmental person who totally puts you at ease , every session has been a pleasure and I would (and do) recommend her to anyone wanting to make changes in their life!!
On completing this 4 week course I’m already 10lb lighter just by breaking old outdated habits and finally feel what my body is telling me!
Thank you Adrienne

Sarah B

I had a fantastic hypnotherapy session with Adrienne today. She totally understood my needs and how my mind is working at the moment. She really got me to a calm, relaxed state where my mind felt free. Very impressive.
Adrienne offers a consultation where she will tailor a course to suit your needs. I would highly recommend Adrienne at Bewdley Hypnotherapy.

Carole T

I've had hypnotherapy in the past but my experience with Adrienne was absolutely incredible. She has a wonderful calm
manner and helped me with a difficult issue with her utmost professionalism .

I would thoroughly recommend her services

Meena K

As a very cynical person who has had years of going through the motions and paying lip service to spending quality time on my own wellbeing, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy. However Adrienne has such a calm, relaxed approach and really takes the time to get to the real you. It is a privilege to be able to benefit from her expertise and I although I'm at the start of my journey I'm amazed how Adrienne has helped me relax and escape. 

I would highly recommend

Charlotte P

I've always been intrigued about Hypnotherapy and, if the truth be known, a bit apprehensive about trying it. This year I bit the bullet because of some severe anxiety issues. I booked an initial assessment and completed the relevant forms ready for my first session. Adrienne made me feel completely at ease - calm with a quiet approach and guided me through what was going to happen throughout the session. I left that first night feeling a little bit tired, but almost completely relaxed, with the bonus of a fantastic night's sleep.

Three sessions later and I now feel calmer and more in control of my life, my emotions and my anxiety. Adrienne recommended some music to use and I now feel that I can tackle everything with renewed energy and a serene outlook on life and my anxiety.


Hi lovely, hope all is well with you.

Just thought I'd give you a little update....

Almost 3 weeks since I came to see you. I absolutely loved the experience and have been telling my struggling friends about you. I dont think they can get over how I have gone from 20 a day to being a non-smoker in 1 hour .

'I need that for chocolate ' said one friend!


I would just like to say a big thank you for my past life regression session yesterday.

I absolutely can't recommend Bewdley Hypnotherapy highly enough!

From start to finish, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of life. Adrienne provides and has nurtured a very safe space for her fantastic hypnotherapy.

As a therapist myself I would encourage not only new clients but also other therapists to go along who are seeking to invest in there own well being.

I will be back soon for another session.

Love & Light T

Talia K