Enjoy The Feeling of Being Pain Free with OldPain2Go®

Release Chronic Pain & Allergies

Please note, this methodology is NOT a cure for any illness or condition

What is OldPain2Go®?
It is a Methodology created by Steven Blake that has helped hundreds of people, including myself, to become pain free since it's development several years ago.

How Does Pain Work?

The brain is the control centre for the pain we endure. 
Signals travel from the brain, via the peripheral nervous system and down in to the spine, allowing for pain signals to be distributed throughout the body where they are needed in order to protect us from further damage to our physical body.

Pain, we know is generally described as acute (new pain) or chronic (old pain) - both has a job to do.

Acute pain alerts us to a new injury or problem area, this enables is to act upon it if we need to, to seek treatment.

Chronic pain however, relates to an old injury or problem area, but sometimes although the body has healed, the pain remains despite having sought professional help and diagnosis.

The Brain is the control centre of the pain we feel

The Healing Process 

When the body heals, much like when we glue something back together, it never quite heals back to the way it used to be. Scar tissue can build around muscles which will reduce flexibility and mobility and calcification can occur around bones which can again lead to a reduced mobility.

In circumstances like this, the brain needs to be reminded of it's former functionality in order for the injured areas to resume normal service so to speak.

When we reach this stage,  the stage of chronic pain, and nothing more can be done, this is perhaps the time to take a look at OldPain2Go®, it may just be the help you are looking for.


My second experience with OldPain2Go® was a recently as  February just gone during my training to become a practitioner.

Having experienced excruciating pain and restricted mobility in both of my shoulders for several months I tried physio, probably took far too many anti-inflammatories and pain killers and had more sleepless nights than I can count.
I am now pain free and my mobility is 90% improved, meaning I am now able to sleep better at night and have a much better quality of life.
I personally experienced OldPain2Go®  for the first time during the early part of 2019 when a colleague helped me to remove symptoms of Hayfever, something I had lived with for over 40 years.
I won't deny that I was a little sceptical initially, however, having spent the summer months in many situations that would have made me poorly even with the use of antihistamines, I was able to enjoy the summer months absolutely symptom free without the use of any intervention - for me this was a welcome revelation, as the normal knock on effect was the equivalent a flu for 2/3 days. 


OldPain2Go®  - working with migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, sciatica, IBS and many more conditions, including allergies such as hay fever and skin conditions such as Psoriasis and eczema.


OldPain2Go® is a non-medical intervention, this is not a substitute for:

  •  medical diagnosis
  • assessment or treatment
OldPain2Go® is simply a way of you changing your perception of your current pain levels. 

It is not: 

  • a treatment for pain
  • it does not prevent future pain
  • nor does it numb the area
I am not medically trained and and as such do not offer medical diagnosis. Prior diagnosis by a medical professional is required. 

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