Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is an active therapy whereby the client fully participates in the process. 
Clients have experienced not only the visual situation, but also they have been able to hear sounds around them and take on the persona and physical attributes as well as recalling specific smells, making it a full sensory experience.

While you might wish to remain open to whatever you may experience in the regression, it is generally thought that having an intention offers a better context to understand and process the experience ( this intention does not always need to be shared with your therapist) 

One  thing it is important to remember, and that is that we are all unique individuals with our own history,  and as such each experience will be unique to the individual.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what we  believe are memories of past lives. It is thought that, by exploring these past lives, a hypnotherapist can help you to uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are now.

Why Past Life Regression?

Many people turn to Past Life Regression (PLR) to learn more about themselves.
Perhaps there are events from a previous life preventing you from moving forward in your current life, or maybe you have a strong connection to a particular location and can't quite put your finger on why.
Unlock the secrets of your past to learn about your present day you.

As mentioned previously, we each have our own reasons and curiosity when it comes to PLR .

If you wish to explore it for specific reasons such as
  • relationship issues (including inexplicable attraction/aversion to someone)
  • vivid dreams or recurring nightmares
  • chronic illnesses
  • fears or phobias that have no apparent cause e.g. fear of death
  • addictions
  • déjà vu experiences
  • feeling stuck in life
by focusing on this intention I will be able to guide you to when you to the  time of  the root cause of a problem. 

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