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We are what we eat, and unfortunately many of us have picked up bad habits throughout our lifetime leading us to gain weight, become lethargic, create intolerances, bloating, dull skin, brittle nails and hair... and so the list goes on.

When we enter this world, we eat only when we are hungry and stop when we are full - this is how we were created, with the brain and digestive system conversing via the Vagus Nerve.  

As we grow and develop new foods and tastes are introduced to us by our parents and carers, many of these contain sugars and ingredients that the body does not require and thus the cycle begins.

We see sugary food, fast foods, caffeine and alcohol as treats, when they are anything but. Insulin levels peak and trough, moods swing and so we console ourselves with more crap.
Refined Sugar
Processed Foods

Soon we find ourselves over eating, living life at a fast pace we don't take time to sit and actually taste the food we place in our mouth, the messages don't reach the brain and before we know it, twice as much food has been consumed than we actually needed - the stomach stretches and once more the cycle repeats, leaving us overweight, craving the wrong foods and feeling miserable because our joints hurt, nothing fits and there is that horrid bloating feeling.

Any of this sound familiar?


Sensory neurons inside the gut inform the vagus nerve (yellow) and brain how our stomachs and intestines are doing.


The Pure Hypno Conscious Eating Programme  is a  4 week programme based purely on Hypnotherapy.

Helping you to break the old outdated habits created throughout your life and create new healthier habits to help you to feel healthier in both body and mind by taking back control.

The course consists of 4 weekly hypnotherapy sessions plus a home audio to listen to on a daily basis.

For more information about the course, please contact me via email  or call / WhatsApp 07486 531874

Pure21 Gold

Unlike Pure Hypno, Pure21 Gold  is a product based programme with a hypnotherapy session at the start of the programme to help create a focussed mindset and ensure the success you are looking for. 

In addition to the initial session you will also receive a recording to listen to at home, for use on a daily basis to help keep you focussed throughout the 21 days. 

So... the results are in! I've lost weight - about 12lbs but I've lost a staggering 2.5 inches off the belly measurement (!?!?) and my blood sugar which was just into the pre-diabetes range has dropped to the lower end of normal. My mood has levelled & I feel sooooo much better. I definitely need to carry on with some of the products because I can tell I'm not quite there gut health wise but I'm in a much better place. Yay! Thanks for all the support Xx
                                            AM, Kidderminster
                                                     March 2020

Why Pure21 Gold? 

I learnt about the Pure21 programme in November of this year when I shared star as a speaker at a Women's Wellness Event and was introduced to a very knowledgeable and passionate lady by the name of Sue Thomas. 

Sue specialises in intestinal health and the impact it has on us as a whole - not just physically, but emotionally too.

Having gone through several surgeries, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and of course the usual antibiotics throughout my life I was fully aware that my gut was not as healthy as perhaps it could have been and was blown away just how much impact poor gut health was having on my wellbeing.

Due to the treatment undergone with my breast cancer diagnosis I was pushed in to an early menopause (nobody prepares you for the symptoms) and whilst I still feel I got away with it lightly in comparison to many others, I am somewhat pleased to be other side of that particular life hurdle!

I had suffered bloating and discomfort for years, my sleep patterns erratic, energy levels low and I found myself constantly picking on rubbish just because it was there.

So, what has changed through Pure21?

  • Cereal/toast breakfast has now been replaced with a protein based breakfast, which I find far more satisfying
  • I no longer feel the need to snack throughout the day, but if I do feel peckish I find myself snacking on mixed nuts
  • My sweet tooth has all but disappeared and I find that I am no longer craving chocolate or biscuits
  • I am enjoying a wider variety of foods that previously would have left me feeling unsatisfied
  • Appetite has reduced
  • Bloating has disappeared
  • Naturally and easily reduced weight even before I've started to exercise again
  • Sleep patterns have improved
  • I no longer eat after 8pm (this is great for insulin levels and hormonal balance)

One thing that has also struck me is that since finishing Pure21 on December 21st, sticking to the new habits has been pretty easy (despite the lure of mince pies, chocolates and Christmas cake!)

If you decide that Pure21 Gold  is the right programme for you, you will receive full support throughout the programme, access to a closed Facebook group plus recipe ideas to help you along.
For more information about the course, please contact me via email or call / WhatsApp 07486 531874