Workplace HypnoCoaching

I bet if you had £1 for every time you heard 'Teamwork makes the dreamwork' you'd have a heft pile of coins by now. But here's a question for you, how often do you take time to get to really know your team?
  • what makes them tick?
  • how do you get the best out of them? 
  • understand their little quirks?
  • What interests do they have outside of work?
Work life has changed dramatically over the past couple of years with more and more people  working from home, and whilst this may be good from a company expense perspective, how good is it for the mental health and wellbeing of your team?

We are social creatures, and whilst few are insular and prefer their own space, on the whole most crave social interaction, a change of scenery and the opportunity to physically go to work rather than interacting with colleagues via online platforms,  and so working from home does not suit all.

As an employer it is your job to get it right, to interact with your team and bring the best out in them so that they can bring the best out in their work. It's not enough to just listen to your team, you have to really hear what they're saying too, be it verbally or through their body language - easier said than done when you're out of the office environment.

Working With Your Team - How Can I Help?

As a HypnoCoach I use a combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques to help people move beyond self limiting or destructive behaviour, I help to gain an understand where the behaviour is coming from so that it can be reframed and healthier behavioural patterns created.
Case Study
I worked with a Lawyer recently who felt they were being undermined in the workplace and not being taken seriously, this led them to feeling like they were unable to speak with their line manager when certain situations arose when dealing with a particular case, this in turn led to the Lawyer in question to suffering with stress and anxiety, which prevented them from doing their job properly. By working together we were able to establish that events from earlier in life had led to a lack of confidence and self-worth that had lay dormant for many years, until it was triggered by an event in the workplace. Together we were able to work through the emotions and reframe them, leaving the client in a place of clarity with greater confidence. This then had a ripple effect and the balance at work restored.

Did you know that it costs, on average £35,000 to replace an employee?
- Lost revenue from the employee who leaves
- Extra workload for employees covering the unmanned role
- Advertising
- Interviewing
 - Recruitment Agencies
- Training the new team member
I offer 1:1 appointments and group workshops using hypnotherapy and coaching techniques, I also offer a Lunch & Learn whereby i will deliver a 45 minute presentation to you and your team to explain how I work and the benefits of HypnoCoaching . 

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